A good logo helps in building the foundation of any booming venture and it is an absolute necessity for the real estate firms. If a perfect amalgamation of colors, fonts, graphics can be made; it can produce a catchy design that would have an enduring impression on corporate buyers and consumers. It can also help to stand out amongst competitors, irrespective of the size of business. The most accomplished real estate firms are ones that have years of success and a massive amount of resources and experience. So, most real estate ventures have a formal approach towards shaping their brand and rely on an influential logo that serves like an anchor for the identity of their brand.

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5 aspects that should be kept in mind while creating a brand logo

a) Buyers mostly look for properties when they scroll through the web for listings. Some of them look for agents too. So when a logo is created, the slogan and the image related to the property should be completely describing the name of the property.

b) While making real estate logo design, thoughts about outline of a house, rooftops, buildings, a sign saying ‘For Sale’ are inevitable. These images easily help an individual to understand and create an image in the head about the exact type of business the firm provides. Additionally, most sellers and buyers of houses look for professionals of real estate who would go out of their way and assist in terms of price negotiation, paperwork, comparable listings etc. One can be mindful of these things while designing the logo so that a consumer that easily understand about all the services that are provided by the business just by looking at the logo. Some texts can also be added to produce a comprehensive logo that stands out in the crowd amongst other businesses.


c) In order to be noticeable in the market, the design is key. Logos of real estate companies sometimes highlight the company name with a color that complements and coincides with the graphic design. Something that looks too bold should be avoided, unless one wants to put on a look or identity that is absolutely different from its other counterparts. Sometimes, firms add images that resemble geographical features of the particular area e,g deserts, rolling hills, symbolic oceans, etc.

d) The first thing that comes to notice about any logo is the color and then the font. In real estate logo design, the color should be in sync with the property type that is going to be sold. If there are units near the beach that are to be sold, then the ideal colors are yellows, bright blue, light blue etc. However if there are industrial or corporate properties that needs to be sold, then the perfect colors should be navy blue, shades of gray and other conservative colors. When it comes to the font, something that is easily legible, looks clean should be chosen.

e) Keeping all the above mentioned things in mind, most importantly the logo should represent the business accurately. Although, it is about offering professional services, but keeping it slightly casual is important too as that helps to connect with the commoners. The logo should neither be too stuffy not should it be super casual. There should be a balance like “business casual”.